Pockets & Giggles

An unflinchingly honest sewing blog. Items hand made in Melbourne, Australia.


A girl in a Buzz Lighyear dress, with wings outstretched
A Buzz Lightyear inspired dress with wings, godets and a hood.
Image of a child in an Elsa costume. Magic comes from her extended hand.
Elsa’s dress from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.


Image of a red maxi dress with white and cherry trim.

Cherries for days

This is a soft red jersey with metres and metres of cherry trim, both fabrics by Spotlight.
The pattern is Alejandra by CKC patterns.

Christmas reindeer

These reindeer dresses are made with panels and fabric by Gemaicajo. Contrasting glitter fabric by Spotlight.
The pattern is Betty by The Simple Life Pattern Company.

Triumph the fox

This fox dress is made with broadcloth and poplin, both by Spotlight. Eyes and nose are Cricut HTV.
The pattern is a hacked Oaklyn by Violette Field Threads.

I love reading about how people make their garments. This blog is about mine.